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About Us

Know About our Team and Culture

Our Mission

As one of the best Pakistani Leading Salts companies providing the best quality products and creating joyful moments. Being the best partner through innovations and unprecedented business growth. Providing better returns by executing excellence and best-in-class corporate governance

Our Vision

To preserve and enrich the legacy of Salts in Pakistan by ensuring the genetic integrity of the seed. We encourage farmers to adopt scientific agricultural practices and world-class rice processing technologies to emerge as the industry benchmark for product quality and customer service ensuring our presence in every Pakistan Household

Our Values

We value quality – which satisfies food lovers all across Pakistan. Our endeavor is to maintain the such quality that is evident in the aroma and taste of every Salts that we offer. We value Innovation – to satisfy the needs of consumers with pioneering ideas in taste and variety. We value our consumer’s CHOICE – by delivering what the consumer wants and expect from us.

Address: Mall Road Lahore Pakistan. (+92)  305 7955688

We are an industry leader in providing the highest quality of Himalayan salt products. While considering benefits of Himalayan Pink salt as treatment option for our customers with respiratory and skin diseases, salttoro enterprises is proud to introduce a variety of Himalayan Pink salt products ranging from Salt Lamps, Salt Cure, Salt Cooking Plates, Salt Blocks, customized wall design systems and the building construction expertise of salt rooms. All these products are shipped direct from our factory in Quaidabad, Pakistan. This appealing Himalayan Salt Lamps come in the natural shape of salt crystals. It is not only a beautiful decorative light source that immediately brings a pleasant atmosphere, a salt lamp also has many advantages and positive properties.

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